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About Micropops

 Our Mission

The LOLLIPOP REVOLUTION is a movement towards a healthier option for great tasting hard candy. Our lollipops and candy drops are hand crafted with fresh ingredients for taste and bioactivity.    We infused our candy with micronutrient rich flowers and berries. We support small farmers and foragers to create infusions that may benefit health and wellness.  

Our goal is to provide access to these immune boosting micronutrients in an easy cost effective manner.  Our formulations can be enjoyed by children 2 years and older as well as adults. We suggest ingesting regularly during cold and flu seasons.  There is very minimal processing and handling of our products ensuring freshness and safety.

We welcome any feedback as we are still developing MICROnutrient rich formulations to support the active individual during a time of increased opportunistic infection and environmental toxins. We also offer candy subscriptions and catering options. Let MICROPOPS and the LOLLIPOP REVOLUTION inspire healthy lifestyle and food choices. 

Who Are We?

We are health conscious millennial foodies.  We are your emergency medical doctor, your decorated veteran, pharmacist, midwife, yoga instructor, social worker, artist, farmer, mother and father catering and living in both urban and rural communities alike. We are adventure seekers , master divers, surfers, snowboarders, skiers, mountain climbers/mountaineers, atv-ers, snowmobilers, and dancers. We are Caribbean, Irish, Italian, Native American and African. We are children of God and proud Americans. We are in fact all of these things and now we may add confectioners and proud business owners to the list. 


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